For her graduation from Harvard in 2014, Elise received one of our iconic Russian Emerald Dentellière. Her love for our brand grew from this initial sea green sparkle.

Using a family stone was important to Will so when he showed me options from his family heirloom I analysed and advised him on the difference within the selection. Being a diamond graduate allows me to rapidly assess stones. We opted for a beautiful Round Brilliant that we would use as a centre stone for Elise's engagement ring.

Elise fell in love with a ring we had previously made. The tricky aspect of the making of this ring was matching the colour and clarity of Will's family stone as well as respecting the proportions of the initial design. It is such a privilege to prolong this family's heirloom.

“Anna was patient, candid and truly fun to work with throughout the whole process. For Elise’s ring, Anna was able to take a family diamond passed down to me and make it completely new, entirely modern and most importantly, completely Elise. She listened to us and responded to our own design aesthetic but it still feels designed and uniquely crafted by Anna – and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”  William, the Groom