François proposed on a trip to Brazil so when they discussed wedding planning it was obvious to them that it should happen at the same location as the proposal. Marie Léa was surprised that so many of their friends were excited about the idea of joining them across the ocean to celebrate their Love. 

Our bride wanted something different, more modern, not too extravagant. So, we designed a bouquet of diamonds sitting low on the hand. We imagined three different placements, then presented them to the bride holding the stones with a clear tape so she could easily preview and decide which one was her favourite. 

“He proposed on a trip to Brazil where a year later we said Yes to forever together. Anna suggested a variation of composition for my engagement ring and in the end, I fell in love with the asymmetry of her design. We paired it with her Signature Rounded wedding band.” Marie Léa, the Bride 

Marie Léa chose to pair her modern engagement ring with one of our 18k yellow gold round thread as her wedding band. A perfect combination!