Our Love Note couple met in late 2016 at a contemporary art fair in Abu Dhabi, Middle East. And since then, things have happened rather quickly for them! Anthony proposed to Mina a year later, soon followed by their wedding and now the birth of their little boy.

"I had a rough idea of the type of ring I wanted. Anna sourced a beautiful Ruby and designed the ring to compliment the stone. Anna knows how to source unique stones and above all she advises you well through each step of the creation process of the ring in order to achieve the perfect result. Thank you so much and well done for the final design achieved by your workshop." Anthony, the Groom

Working with Anthony on this unique Bespoke was a true delight. I was so excited to source a Pigeon blood natural Ruby. These rubies are amongst the rarest stones you can come across. Sourcing this stone was a true challenge but my god an exciting one! I asked suppliers in London, Paris, Mumbai, and Geneva. When I found this one my heart was sold! I wanted to keep the design simple to really make the Ruby the centre star of this gorgeous ring.