Arnaud is an Artistic Director and Agnes is an account manager at an advertising agency. He loves long walks in the Alps and she loves white wine by the seashore of Brittany. He's more of a thinker when she would rather speak up. Two opposites... but hey say opposites attract!

I knew I had a challenge on my hands when I understood one dreamed of a modern yellow gold simple emerald cut with a rub over setting and the other was more into cushion diamonds surrounded with pave diamonds.

I aimed to design a ring to fit the both of them.

“I didn’t want Agnes to have the same ring as all my friends, that’s why I contacted the designer of Atelier Molinari. It turned out that what I had in mind was the opposite of what Agnes wanted. Anna was able to design a ring that brought together our wishes!” Arnaud, the Groom

I designed a timeless ring for Agnes. A cushion cut diamond surrounded by two half moons set on a naked platinum band. 

For their wedding band the couple chose a classic yet timeless half moon band in yellow gold. We wanted to reflect Passion and Eternity between the couple so we hid on the inner part of each band a Ruby for Passion and a diamond for Eternity. I love the concept of meaningful hidden details. Only they know and share this secret. 

Since their wedding, Agnes launched her very own fine jewellery concept store Bija Paris, in the heart of Montmartre, Paris. Her curation is all about holistic and meaningful jewellery. She carefully chooses the designers she works with not only for their poetic vibes but also for their ethics. 

Amongst her beautiful selection you will find our Atelier Molinari collection. For puppy lovers, Ohisse her Dachshund is at the shop on most days.