Yousra and Olivier are a lovely couple. They met through common friends during one of Olivier's trips to Paris while they were both at university. A real 'Coup de Foudre' (love struck). They opted for a wedding in Marrakech, to follow tradition to wed in the girl's hometown. The five day long festivities were colourful, joyful and opulent but most importantly a true homage to Love

“Having Anna as a trusted advisor to explore the minefield that is finding the perfect engagement ring was invaluable. Atelier Molinari found a selection of stunning diamonds and crafted a unique ring to my exact specifications.” Olivier, the Groom

For Yousra’s engagement ring we designed a beautiful cushion solitaire with a single halo on a naked platinum band to really push forward her stunning diamond. The diamond that we chose was picked from a selection of 8 options. This one truly stood out for its brilliance and whiteness. It was simply perfect!

The wedding bands are different. She opted for a thread of diamond to complement beautifully her engagement ring and Olivier opted for a thick yellow gold half moon. “I want people to see I am married” he lovingly joked while affirming the thickness of his ring. 

“It was just perfect, there is no other way to describe it. I couldn't take my eyes off of it for the first few days. I'm still amazed today at how Anna was able to practically read my mind.” Yousra, the Bride