Two 18k white gold wedding bands with their wedding dates engraved in a class italic font and a hidden wind rose for him. A forever link with Emmanuelle’s engagement ring and a reminder that together they are never lost.

"Emmanuelle is the super talented mastermind behind our website and branding. We met a few years ago as I was looking to rebrand my website and I just knew we would be great friends from our first meeting. I was so honoured when a few years down the line she asked me to make her wedding bands. Even though Emmanuelle and Eoin wanted something timeless I just had to add a romantic hidden twist to their ring! In my letter to her I wrote the words of French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “Aimer, ce n'est pas se regarder l'un l'autre, c'est regarder ensemble dans la même direction.”" Anna, Founder and Creative Director of Atelier Molinari

Emmanuelle and Eoin met when one of her best friends came to visit her from Paris. During the week-end, a friend of hers invited them to a party. Emmanuelle was not very keen to go at first but when her friend shared the address of the party she told her: "You must be mistaken, it’s my address!" The party ended up being two floors above her flat, at Eoin’s. They were neighbours and didn’t know it yet. They decided to get married, together, one morning, ten years after they had met…! It felt like the right time. There was no proposal, just an exciting “Let's do it”. They got married 3 months later!

“I had the pleasure to work with Anna a few years ago on her website design and we immediately became friends. I love and admire Anna's poetic sensitivity and her sense of details. Her personality shines through the pieces that she creates. That’s why it was important for me that our wedding bands were designed by Atelier Molinari. My engagement ring is a white gold "Rose des Vents”. Anna suggested we engrave a rose des vents inside Eoin’s ring to echo the engagement ring. We both fell in love with the idea. And this summarises perfectly the reason why I love Anna’s work so much. Her work sits in these delicate attentions and poetic details that make the pieces so meaningful to their owners.” Emmanuelle, the Bride