Louis proposed to Camille during a surprise getaway weekend in Bordeaux at les Sources de Caudalie. He wanted the weekend to gather everything they both loved - great wine, beautiful walks, delicious food and a relaxing spa. After the most perfect day, he lit up a fire in their room for them to have a drink and gave her a photo album with their best memories of the past 3 years spent together.

“By then, Camille knew something was up and started to cry but the album did not give away the big question I was going to pop. So, after she closed the book, I got down on one knee and asked if she would be my wife. She immediately said yes and when she saw the ring on her finger said another yes. Rather a success!” Louis, the Groom

For their one-year anniversary, Louis had gifted Camille an Accroche Coeur bracelet in Aquamarine from Atelier Molinari. It felt like an obvious choice to ask Anna to design our Engagement ring, 3 years later.

It is always a pleasure and an honour to be involved in a couple’s life for such milestones. Anna particularly loved the freedom she was given when designing Camille’s wedding band. She loves hidden details and adding a twist to classic timeless pieces. 

“I really had my heart set on a solitaire ring with a diamond halo. Anna was with me every step of the way from choosing the stone, designing the ring and including me in the making. When it came to our wedding bands Anna suggested a cute contemporary design with a hidden date written in diamonds!” Louis, the Groom