"Lucile and I met 10 years ago. I wanted to surprise her with a unique piece, modern yet classic, one she would wear forever."

Alexandre was very excited about being part of the process from beginning to finish. He wanted to get a promise ring representing the fact that they were meant for one another. I loved the concept of imagining them as lovebirds and diamonds being the symbol of eternity. We wanted to keep the two diamonds different to represent both their personalities, yet together to represent the bond between them. The final design was inspired by our Inséparables Collection.

Alexandre asked me to document every process and even asked for a selfie when I handed over the ring. He could not wait to share the surprise he had planned with his lovebird. 

"Atelier Molinari did a great job at listening, sharing, caring, and eventually designing a stunning piece. The cushion diamond fits with the oval diamond in a beautiful way."